Wallpapering Bathrooms

Oct 12, 2023

Can you wallpaper in bathrooms?

The answer is..YES YOU CAN! We have gathered a few tips and tricks so you can wallpaper your bathrooms confidently. Make a statement, or a calming sanctuary.

What to consider when wallpapering your bathroom.

Before you wallpaper your bathroom there are a few things to consider before you start applying the wallpaper onto the walls.

1. You need to ensure your bathroom is fully ventilated; using a ventilation fan, or a window that can be opened during the times you are using the bath or shower. This will mean moisture is able to escape when using the bath or shower and you will then not be at risk of the water condensation creeping into the wallpaper. If the room is too damp the wallpaper will eventually lift over time.

2. We would advise to not wallpaper directly on areas where water will splash onto the wallpaper, as this will damage the wallpaper and will create lifting and bubbling. Anywhere where water is likely to splash we would recommend to use tiles or paint in these areas or making sure there is space between the bath and the wallpaper.

Alternatively, you can varnish over the top of the wallpaper which will add extra protection but this will effect the appearance of the wallpaper and will create a sheen.

3. Do not use the bathroom for 24 hours before applying the wallpaper this is to ensure the walls are dry.

Examples of
wallpapered bathrooms

Minnie Kemp X MINDTHEGAP Palette Wallpaper  

Clara Bee Project using Josephine Munsey Underwater Jungle Wallpaper

 West Cliff - Whitstable project using Josepine Munsey Octopoda Wallpaper

Project using Lowri Little Leaves Green Wallpaper

Which Design?

Are you unsure which style of wallpaper you would like to go for? You can start by exploring all our gorgeous wallpapers which are split up into styles or, you can shop our 'Curated Collections' to inspire your creative journey.


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