Wallpaper Tips, Tricks & Technical


You'll need to add 10 % - 15% for wastage for most patterns. If your pattern repeat is large, add 20% or an extra roll.
This is also handy should you need to patch repair at any point so you can ensure the batch is the same and your range hasn't been discontinued. Also, it's a nice idea to wrap the odd book on the shelf in your paper - but that's the designer in us talking again.   
We like to use OMNI CALCULATOR for most things. It's easy, free and saves a lot of guesswork. 
There are 5.3 M2 on a domestic sized roll but don't forget your repeat and wastage!


You'll receive hanging instructions in the packaging of your order.  
You can pick up a ready mixed, lightweight adhesive at most local DIY retailers. 
If you can't find any we can source you some just askus@thedesignyard.co.uk 
(We prefer you to source locally as couriers almost always smash the tubs - messy stuff!)  
You'll want to paste the wall with either a wide, clean paint brush or a roller - a drop or two at a time so it doesn't dry out too quickly.
You'll have some wiggle room to make adjustments before it dries and sets.  Use a spatula (or the spine side of a paperback if you need ) to push out any trapped air - towards the outer seam .
Use a straight knife to trim the tops and bottoms against your ceiling and skirting boards. No cheating ! use a ruler.  
Extra adhesive is sticky but will dry out (There's a scene from  'There's Something about Mary' here)  and wash off with warm water. Any extra  adhesive on the paper will flake off once dry, or remove with warm water and a clean soft cloth . 
If you're still unsure there are loads of good youtube videos to familiarise yourself before you start. Also BN and MIND THE GAP have great support instructions and visual aids . As always just askus@thedesignyard.co.uk if stuck.