The Ultimate Guide to Making the Most Out of Your Spare Room

Making the Most Out of Your Spare Room

If you have a spare room, it is easy for it to end up being nothing but a storage space for random items you no longer remember having. But what if you could turn that extra room into a productive space that you enjoy spending time in?

In this guide, we have outlined some of the steps you can take to make the most out of your spare room. So, whether you have an older child’s bedroom that needs to be repurposed, or some extra space that you want to get better use of, here is how to spruce up that extra space and turn it into a useful room!

What can you do
with a spare room?

Have your children moved out leaving empty rooms behind? Or perhaps you’ve just moved into a larger home and you suddenly find yourself with lots of extra space to play around with? Whatever your reasons maybe if you have been wondering what to do with that spare room in your home, here are a few ideas:

1. Guest bedroom

This is one of the most common uses of spare rooms. You can transform it into a guest bedroom for when your friends and family come to visit. Add a sofa bed that folds away when not in use to make it easier to clean and give it even more utility. This way, you will be able to change how you use the space whenever you feel like it!

2. Airbnb / Renting it out

Why not make some money out of your extra room? You can either sign up for Airbnb or some other similar service and make some money off it, or rent it out and earn some rental income from it. This is a great way to supplement your income using your spare room.

3. Home Office

With more and more people working from home these days, turning that extra room into a home office would be a fantastic use for it. The best part about having a home office is that you can design the interior however you like, with whatever wallpaper designs or flooring options that you want. It is a great way to boost your productivity and efficiency in your very own private workspace!

4. Home Gym

Yet another great idea for your spare room is to simply turn it into a home gym. This is a great way to save money on gym memberships. All you have to do is fit in a cycling or running machine and a bench and weight rack for your weight training.

5. Home Cinema

This is a pretty straightforward idea that a lot of people think is more complicated to pull off than it actually is. All you need is some comfy sofas and a projector. You can also throw in a surround sound system if you want to get fancy. Once you are done, you will be able to enjoy watching your favorite movies in style!

6. Games Room

Whether you are into tabletop games, pool, ping pong, or snooker, turning your spare room into a games room is a great way to bring your childhood dreams to life. If you love your video games, you can also turn the space into a sanctuary for your gaming, complete with a minibar so you never have to leave unless you absolutely have to.

7. Art Studio

Got a passion for photography, painting, pottery, dance, music production, creative writing, pottery, or anything in between? Whatever your hobby may be, you can turn your spare room into a studio dedicated to your art. It will be a space where you can express yourself in complete freedom without fear of distraction or interruption.

8. Snug Space

Who says every room has to have a purpose? You can simply turn your spare room into a cozy snug where you can truly relax and forget about the troubles of the world. Prioritize comfort for this room, with lounge chairs, a cozy sofa, and a coffee table for your teas. Add some of your favorite things, such as a bookshelf with your favorite reads or a music player with your favorite songs. This is a great way to use a space that is too big to use for storage and too small to use as a bedroom.

9. Green Room

If you are a plant lover, you can turn your spare room into a green room. All you have to do is fill it with your favorite plants. You can also add some flowers around the space to make the room smell amazing. Rooms with large windows and lots of natural light would make great green rooms.

10. A little bit of everything!

Can’t make up your mind? How about creating a room that has a little bit of everything? You can have your home office in one corner, your gaming space in the second corner, a library space in the third corner, and an area for all your plants. The sky is the limit here, so just do whatever feels natural to you and make the space truly your own!

Other tips to keep in mind..

When designing the interior of your spare room, here are a few other things you may want to keep in mind:

- Create Something that is timeless. This makes the space feel warm and welcoming to anyone who gets to spend time in it without needing to be redecorated as it will not date.

- Add your character to it: When designing your room for personal use, consider doing the complete opposite of the first point and go all out by adding elements that are uniquely yours. For example, your art studio would be the perfect space to experiment with colors and decor features that reflect who you are.

- Use your walls: This applies if you have a smaller space. You can get more use out of it by including shelves to reduce the need for storage furniture pieces. Mirrors on the walls will also make the room feel bigger.

- Prioritize natural light: Whenever you can, allow as much natural light into the room as you can. This will make it feel more open and warmer.

- Work with colour for the mood you want to create: If you have a smaller room, painting it in bright colours will make it feel larger and fresh, or painting in dark colours will create a warm cosy space. If you opt to use wallpaper, walls or ceiling, put it up like a pro with these tips and tricks!

Final Thoughts..

When you have a spare room in your home, it opens you up to a world of opportunities for things that you can do with it. Whether you want to convert it into a private room for your guests, a fun space for your family, or a special space for yourself, we hope that the ideas outlined here have inspired you a little. Just get creative with it, the possibilities are endless!

Written by Jade Piper

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