The Art of Design

Combining their love of colour and pattern with the unique vision of some of the UK's most innovative artists, The Monkey Puzzle's exquisite textiles and wallcoverings bring story, meaning and beauty into your home.

These original pieces have a timeless quality which rises above passing trends, ensuring they will enrich your interior with character, authenticity and a quiet sense of rebellion for many years to come. 

Their carefully selected Yorkshire artists celebrate the best of the North of England's creativity, eccentricity and innovation.

What's different about them is that every single one of their designs starts with an original piece of art. This means that when you buy one of their luxury fabrics or wallpapers, you're bringing a unique artwork into your home. And for the artists, this means their creativity is supported via the generous royalty we pay.

Founder Charlotte Raffo

'I've always been fascinated by interiors. My mum says when I was a child I'd always ask to go to the toilet at people's houses so I could see what the rest of their house looked like. That curiosity has stayed with me to this day."

Winner - The Brit List 2021 'Best in British Product Design'

Their Metamorphosis fabric created in collaboration with artist Kirsty Greenwood won this prestigious award.