Fit For The Queen

J0 & L-A

JUNE 1, 2022

We are all gearing up to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee and enjoy the extended time with family and friends over a fab four day weekend. Just please please, please show us the sun! Soggy scones just don't cut it. 
We've been thinking back over The Queen's life and how she has been such a noble and stoic influence and a symbol of strength- not only as a monarch but also a Mother, wife, the original working Mum, and style icon. We'd love to know a bit more about her interior taste but we have a few clues...yes, we too love a bit of tupperware. We wonder if she has someone designated to find the lids? 
The British style is coveted around the world but difficult to pin down or explain. Perhaps its the mix of global influences from Britain's Imperial past, our sense of humour that allows us to break almost every rule with an impeccable apology, or our love of nature - ever chasing those rays of sunlight to get outdoors and relish in the glorious countryside. 
We've gathered our most quintessentially British items (although we suddenly regret not stocking tea pots) to celebrate being British and think about things that Queen Elizabeth herself might enjoy. Perhaps its putting her feet up at Balmoral, thinking back on her reign and family legacy by a roaring fire, or just wandering about in the manicured gardens at Highgrove. 
If you want to be Queen for a day please join us in shopping the collection or just raise a glass to toast her majesty. CHEERS!!!!!
Decorate your home fit for the Queen