Summer Picnics

A picnic display that looks good enough to eat!

Posted at 11:00 • July 8th • Jo & L-A • A Fly on The Wallpaper

Well, it's officially summer so that means fun in the sun, time spent with family, and eating alfresco.

We're hardcore when it comes to braving the elements - nothing will stop us Brits from enjoying summer pastimes which of course include the summer picnic. Whether you're chilling at a festival, watching Wimbledon, or just hanging out with family, the summer picnic is essential. From flasks to throws - we have a sweet collection of accessories to help create a picnic with style. If you want to maintain that feeling there are also many wallpapers and fabrics that have that kitsch retro vibe for a year long summer feel.

Set The Scene

Make your picnic your own and have fun creating the perfect scene.

Our top picks

Large Pink Mirrored Disco Ball  £42

Floral Printed Thermal Flask  £35

Pink Raffia Weekend Bag      £30

The perfect backdrop for your picnic

The perfect setting

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